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How Dare I

12 days ago, Devon was out to work early in the morning.

And on the way out, she asked me to be sure to stir her turkey chilli periodically throughout the day.

Sure, no problem I told her.

Well, 7 or so hours later, she came home.

Did I stir the chilli? Nope, totally slipped my mind.

The ingredients cooked, but not the way they should have. The corn was still sitting right on top.

You might have all the knowledge you need. In fact, I know you do. Information is not the problem.

This issue is in knowing how to put all the right pieces together.

That’s where Coaching with a capital C comes in.

Know when you need to seek Coaching, because if information were the only problem, then a quick Google search would solve all your problems.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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