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Member of the Month: Mike Double V

I remember sitting down with Mike roughly a year ago and listening to why he was a good fit for our Ripped Dads contest.

He had been struggling with energy, weight gain and type 2 diabetes for some time.

It’s been amazing to witness his transformation both physically and mentally the past year. He has become a HUGE part of the tribe at Newell Strength and he continues to inspire others as they look for that torchbearer to follow.

We are so inspired by Mike, keep it up!

You can watch his story here: https://youtu.be/NFnsyMcjd2E

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-We are taking applications for our 2020 sweepstakes for the next week. This is going to be the lucky chance for 3 people (per location) to win 6-FREE weeks of personal training, 1-1 Coaching and a real chance at transforming their lives. All a person has to do is apply. You can do so by clicking the correct link and dedicating 5 minutes. Hey, 5 minutes for a chance to transform the path of your life sounds good to me!



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