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He Only Had 5 Years Left to Live

A few weeks ago, I was doing the weekly video with GL when I sensed that he was veering off course. He’d be the first to tell you so.

When we got to why remembering why he started, he said it was to lose weight.

On the very surface, yes.

But weight loss in and of itself isn’t the driver. What type of pain and suffering is the extra weight costing you?

I dug and dug and then he said if he had continued on his path when he started with our sweepstakes a few years ago, he may have had only 20 years left to live, to which I said, ‘Dude, more like 5! You were 400 pounds and climbing!’

Sometimes we all need a bigger dose of the truth. Sugar coating never helps anyone move forward.

Where in your life do you need more brutal honesty and ‘violent’ accountability? We all need it….

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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