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Big Trees and Big Dreams

Two weekends ago, a buddy came over on Saturday morning and we went to work on a monster of a tree that had fallen some time back near our creek.

It’s a big damn tree and thank God that it didn’t fall towards the house!

Anyhow, I worked on it throughout the summer here and there and for some reason, on this particular Saturday, I was having trouble slicing through.

Now, a chainsaw is a relatively new toy for me, I got it last spring when another tree had fallen on the property and I realized this was an investment that would pay dividends.

Well, buzzing through this tree, my buddy finally says, I think your saw is going dull, because that’s a big blade and it should be zipping through this.

To which I asked why it would have become dull so quickly. He said, ‘It’s the tree, it’s a monster.’

Now, I could have continued to struggle for the months ahead working on this tree with a dull blade or I could simply sharpen my saw.

I chose to sharpen my saw.

In life, we need to know when we need to sharpen our saw, which could mean gaining more skills or taking a rest period.

I believe it was Abe Lincoln that said if you gave him a day to cut down a tree he’d have spent ¾ of the day sharpening his axe.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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