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Baking Soda Brownies

11 days ago, we had some of our closest friends over the Super Bowl.

It's become a great excuse to hang out over the years.

Anyhow, in preparation, Devon was baking and I was getting some other stuff ready around the house.

The boys were at my parents and as I was getting ready to go pick them up for the party, Devon asked me if I could get her out the powdered sugar.

I went and grabbed a bag out of the pantry and I thought it was the correct stuff. It was a bag within a bag so I couldn’t read the label.

Devon told me that it wasn’t the right stuff so I went back in and grabbed a big ziplock bag with what I thought was powdered sugar. It had no label since we had transferred it from the original bag to a ziplock.

I didn’t know nor did I care, I was just looking forward to the Blonde Brownies she was attempting to make since they are one of my favorite desserts of hers.

Well, fast forward a couple of hours and people started to dig into the brownies. I was over near the fireplace with a beer when I saw the look of disgust on the faces of Devon and those that had taken a big tasty bite of the brownies.

Followed by them running to the sink and nearest bathroom to gag and spit it out.

Devon looked at me and said, ‘YOU!!!!’ Me? Apparently the second bag I had brought out was baking soda, not powdered sugar. Ha!

So, rather than 4 cups of powdered sugar they got a nice big taste of 4 cups of baking soda.

I guess the moral is….measure twice, cut once.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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