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Your  Endocrinologist is Wrong!

A week ago I had a recharge meeting with one of our clients.

And let me tell you, this lovely client has met and exceeded her original expectations.

She was telling me that she was at her endocrinologist a week or so prior and the edno was telling her that she shouldn’t be fasting because it would put her into the dreaded starvation mode.

Yup, instead, her endo wanted her to eat a very defined amount of calories spread across 5 small meals per day.

To which our client said, ‘But you had me do this a few years ago and absolutely nothing changed. Now, for the first time, I have dropped 10+ pounds and you’re telling me it’s incorrect?’

The endo in this case is just like all the other fake fitness experts.

They repeat what they’ve heard without actually knowing the truth.

Eating in the fashion that the endo and so many others teach is what puts you into ‘starvation’ mode, where as fasting actually revs up your metabolism and makes sure you aren’t in starvation mode by way of what goes on with the hormones.

I’m on a mission to change the world with this approach to eating and I’ll be damned if I will defer to a doctor in this case:).

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

1. Men, I’ve got something for YOU! We are having the very first ‘Testosterone Seminar’ on Friday, March 13th (yes, that was intentional:)). It’ll be myself and Dr. David Koota, renowned urologist, talking about male issues including prostate health, erectile dysfunction and yes, you guessed it; How and Why Testosterone Therapy is a good idea for most men. You can register for one of the spots here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-testosterone-seminar-tickets-94897489947

2. We are running our very first Panda Diet Challenge (the pilot program): If you’d like to apply, you need to click the link below. If I decide you are a good fit to be one of the 12 participants, it will begin April 1. I will personally be handling you the entire 6-weeks and pending where you are at, I expect to see average, permanent weight loss in the 15-25 pound range if you fit the criteria. And no, you don’t need to be a member and no, it’s not free:) If you are interested, apply here: https://hillsborough.newellstrength.com/step_1

3. The Trinity Transformation Trial. There is no time like the present to begin. In our Trinity Trial, you will get our P.H.A.S.T training system, Coaching in every session, our Mirco-fasting protocol and Mind Mapping every step of the way! It’s a can’t miss, guaranteed transformation! You can apply for a spot here: https://hillsborough.newellstrength.com/jumpstart

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