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Discover a Way to Stay Consistently Motivated

A few weeks ago, I had a rather tough Mind Map session with a client.

He had been slipping and he needed a coming to Jesus meeting.

And I could sense as I took him ‘down the darkside’ path, a technique I only use in dire circumstances, that he wanted to give me generalities.

There is a reason for this; the human brain don’t like discomfort.

But I know as a long-time Coach that generalities will kill consistency and discipline.

I pressed him and made him realize the painful reality of what would happen if he continued his downward slide. Yes, tears were shed, but I am happy to say the fire under his arse was lit once again.

If you want to be consistently motivated, you need to shine the light on the pain that will come if you fail to take action. Pleasure does not do the trick, pain does.

One of my bookmarks is a picture of Brax and Colty and on the back I wrote: I will never let you boys down. A quick look at that sends shivers up my spine at the idea of letting them down or quitting because things are tough.

Find it and press on it.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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