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Your Brain Needs This

Right now, your brain is craving structure and discipline more than ever.

It will be your saving grace.

I’ve been making a daily Mind Map lesson for our Tribe and will be sharing them here as well.

In this lesson, I go over the patterns that your brain needs and how to plan out your day.

Please feel free to share!

Here’s a recap if you don’t want to watch the video:

🔥do a ten minute mind dump


🔥write out your top 3 tasks for tomorrow

🔥write your wake up time

🔥write your morning routine

🔥write out what you’ll do for exercise

🔥who still you reach out to for random kindness?

🔥any other important stuff for tomorrow after your critical 3 are done


🔥home by what time

🔥bed time

🔥 what you’ll learn tomorrow

(The planner I currently use is from my good friend and mentor, Vince Gabriele)

Invest 20 minutes today to have an awesome week, it’ll pay off greatly🐼🙏

Be unconventional - Kyle

1- We will be prepping for our annual Fat Shredder Contest. Tentative start was mid-April, but stay tuned as it may be pushed back. You’ll see info so you can start planning within the week!

2-Check out this podcast I did on Resistance, this relevant now more than ever: http://unlockingyourinnerstrength.libsyn.com/uyis001-resistance-is-a-bitch

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