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6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System

When I first started teaching, I used to get sick left and right. So many kids, so many bugs.

But it didn’t help that I didn’t take sleep seriously. I would opt for 4-5 hours a night in my quest to become the best at what I did, not realizing the harmful effects it had on my health.

Anyhow, once I got straight….

I went 3+ years without getting sick, not even as much as a sniffle, by following these guidelines.

Here are some simple things you can do to boost your immune system:

✅Get your D3 in, we recommend either 10,000 IU/day or between 30,000-50,000IU Twice per week

✅Get your vitamin A in. It acts as a protective shell to your cells, making it harder for things like a virus to penetrate

✅Sleep! Nothing will boost your immune strength like sleep and nothing will tear it down faster than not sleeping enough!

✅Fasting! Fasting allows the immune cells of the body to do their job without interference. There's a reason your appetite goes way down when you get a bad cold or a flu, your body is talking to you:)

✅Laughing and walking. Both of these lower stress hormones. Stress hormones weaken the immune system

You can listen to me explain these in today’s podcast which can be located at:

1- We will be prepping for our annual Fat Shredder Contest. Tentative start was mid-April, but stay tuned as it may be pushed back. You’ll see info so you can start planning within the week!

2-Check out this podcast I did on Resistance, this relevant now more than ever:


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