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How to Gain Clarity in an Uncertain Time

Most people go through life and have no idea how their brain actually operates.

Lucky for you, it is one of my areas of expertise, also known as Mind Mapping.

There are three things that cause the brain to go into ‘threat mode’.

When things are going too fast, too slow or when there is a lack of clarity.

In today’s lesson, I dive deep into it. This was a powerful one and one that was sent out by some of our clients to their sales and business teams, nationwide.

Be unconventional - Kyle

1- We will be prepping for our annual Fat Shredder Contest. Tentative start was mid-April, but stay tuned as it may be pushed back. You’ll see info so you can start planning within the week!

2-Check out this podcast I did on Resistance, this relevant now more than ever: http://unlockingyourinnerstrength.libsyn.com/uyis001-resistance-is-a-bitch

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