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The 5 Things You Can Learn From the Corona Situation

Last week when I was pondering what to talk about on my podcast, it hit me.

We are living through one of the greatest times for learning and growth this very second.

Yet, most people are not paying attention to that reality and that opportunity.

It’s easy to get caught up in the negative. It’s easy to become depressed right now. It’s easy to become a lazy Homer Simpson because ‘it’s just not fair’.

I promise you that one day you and I will look back upon this and marvel.

Some will wish they had seized the opportunity within the chaos.

Some will come out of it transformed.

Each day this week I will be bringing one of the five areas of growth to get and learn from this situation.


Your Health

Right now, your health is your saving grace; in many ways.

We know that this virus primarily is a threat to those that are elderly and those that have immunocompromised conditions. Yes, I know that there have been outlier cases, but 99.99% of the time, if you have health and fitness on your side, you will fall into the 80% of cases that have mild to no symptoms.

And if you don’t have health on your side, then let this be a wakeup call.

Yes, you can have all the excuses in the world, but the timing is never going to be perfect and if a world-wide lockdown isn’t your A-HA moment, then you need to check your priorities.

Living a healthy life is a choice.

So is living an unhealthy lifestyle.

If you don’t know where to start, then hire a Coach.

If you do live a disciplined lifestyle focused on physical fitness, then keep it up. DO NOT let it slide just because you can’t get to the gym. Now is the time that your family and loved ones need you to be at your best.

Working on your physical fitness is the doorway to mental toughness.

Physical fitness is one of the key regulators of your mood and attitude.

You can simply choose to begin.

Or you can commit to never stop.

And if you need help, just ask, that’s what we are here for:).

Be unconventional - Kyle

1- The Fat Shredder is coming! Realistically it’ll probably start at some point in the backside of May and run until the 4th of July weekend. Here’s all you have to do for now: start thinking of your teammates. Each team will have at least a member, non-member and one woman (teams of 3). It’s gonna be epic and just what we all need at that time:)

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