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Meditate on Your Death

Since I was a young kid, 7 or 8 years old, I have been contemplating death.


Allow me to explain.

Shortly after we moved to NJ from Michigan, one of our neighborhood buddies from Michigan died of a brain aneurysm.

He was only slightly older than me.

But it had such an impact on me that I obsessed over death for quite a few years.

These periods of intro-flection would come and go and still do.

Do I sit in the corner and fear death? No, I am more curious about it at this point.

One thing that it has allowed me to do though is to take chances and to play as big as I can possibly play in life.

I keep track of my weeks gone by and weeks left, literally, with two buckets of marbles in my home office.

Morbid? Maybe.

I see it as helping to live more and to live better.

‘Meditation on death should be performed daily….’ -Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Maybe young Kyle was on to something.

Be unconventional - Kyle

1- The Fat Shredder is coming! Realistically it’ll probably start at some point in the backside of May and run until the 4th of July weekend. Here’s all you have to do for now: start thinking of your teammates. Each team will have at least a member, non-member and one woman (teams of 3). It’s gonna be epic and just what we all need at that time:)

2-I am opening the doors to the second Panda Challenge, which will be starting within the next 3 weeks. The first 12 ‘Panda’s’ are crushing it and dare I say, all 12 are on track to hit their 45-day goals! Yes, I only take 12 because of the high level of Coaching each client receives. 5 of the spots are already taken from people that just missed the cut for the first Panda Challenge. If you’d like to find out more info and at least throw your name in the ring for me to decide if you’re a good fit, then go here: https://hillsborough.newellstrength.com/step_1

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