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Mental Midgets and Mental Toughness

As I was doing this morning’s walk with the Little Warrior, I had a thought….

Yes, I am always thinking, but today, it was about mental toughness Monday’s theme.

There are a lot of ways to develop mental toughness, but one of the least talked about is this: Develop your own set of beliefs and speak your mind even when it doesn’t align with the herd mentality.

It’s not easy to develop a belief that goes against the grain.

You will be ridiculed and told to get back in line.

But when I look back at my fitness career in particular, almost everything we do at Newell Strength from training to nutrition was at first so outside the norm that the fake fitness experts would critique and judge.

I didn’t care though, because it was a set of beliefs that we arrived at from real world experience.

You don’t have to agree with everything you are told you have to agree with. Will that make you an outlier? Yup, but who cares.

I’d rather be an outlier than a sheep.

Something to think about as you start your week.

Think Differently- Kyle

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