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Discover How to Read Your Own Feedback

A few weeks ago, after a really hard lower body training session, I awoke in the middle of the night with a nasty cramp right up in my groin.

It’s one of the muscles that ties into the hamstrings and helps you to extend the hip.

But that is really besides the point.

It was cramping because I had pushed it and strained it.

Well, here we are, a few weeks later and it’s hampering me.

You know why?

Because, I am still continuing to train it.

Stupid on my part. I am ignoring my own biofeedback. What’s that you say? It’s the feedback that your body is always telling you. This is something that we use a lot within the Panda challenge and we teach within that program because once a person knows what signs to look for, they can make adjustments.

My groin is a very simple example, but it’s no different than someone feeling a lack of energy and a dip in mindset from the way they are eating or dieting. Most people would just use the scale to dictate protocol even if biofeedback is pointing in another direction.

And yes, I am going to start altering lower body training so this thing can heal up:).

Think Differently- Kyle

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