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Mateena Ate a Weed Cookie

Two weeks ago, we had a few close friends over and I pulled out a weed cookie that another friend had given me in case anyone wanted to try it.

Yes, people give me things like this to sample quite often. But that’s besides the point.

Anyhow, we went to bed with the cookie still sitting in the plastic baggie on the counter.

I left early the next day for my Saturday morning workout and Devon sent me a picture of the baggie shredded, indicating that Mateena had eaten it over night.

Mateena was fine besides being a little tired.

Well, later that day, we went over to my parents to drop the kids off and when we got home, the oven was open. You see, we had stored the leftover pizza that Devon had made the night before in the oven.

Mateena had the munchies!

We know she can open the cabinets to get the garbage but we had never seen her open the actual oven.

I guess if you’re determined enough, you can find a way to do anything.

What are you determined to do in life?

Think Differently- Kyle

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