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Mental Toughness Monday: Punch Your Fear in the Face

As I was walking with Emma last week, I was reflecting on fear and mind mapping. Fear comes from the reptilian brain, the oldest part of the brain that is focused purely on survival.

However, that part of your brain will react only in the instant when it perceives survival to actually be threatened. The problem is when you continue to take in information that is activating this part of the brain.

It’s a problem because then your human brain starts to develop scripts and stories about the future and all the doom and gloom and ‘what ifs’.

As I’ve said many times before, fear exists only in the future and the future doesn’t exist. I know it’s a mind blowing concept, but I want you to meditate on that for a minute today.

And, give your fear a punch in the face today and put it back where it belongs.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-We will be up and running soon. Some of you have been reaching out about the annual Fat Shredder contest. We will be doing it, and are aiming to start in the beginning of June. More details to come!

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