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Up and Down, Chaos and Peace

Two weeks ago began the most amazing and emotional week of my life.

I had made a video to give people hope on a Tuesday night about our choice to open Newell Strength.

Within a few hours it had almost 10K views.

Fox News reached out the next day and it was on.

My intention for opening Newell Strength was more about hope than anything. If was just about opening up for business, the easier thing would have been to stay closed.

Saturday I had the interview on national television which was surreal. Then the rest of the weekend was up and down, not being sure what to expect on Monday afternoon when we opened.

Monday was full of talking with reporters and such during the early part of the day and listening to other people tell me how the scene was unfolding at Newell Strength. I wasn’t planning on going in until 2:30 or so for our 4 PM opening.

Driving in was wild because I had no idea what to expect from all the different things I was hearing.

I was listening to ‘Born in the USA’ by Bruce as I pulled in for parking.

I walked in, noticed there was already a crowd gathering, opened the bay doors and began to play patriotic music.

To be continued tomorrow…..

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-By the end of the week I will have a date ready for you for our annual Fat Shredder contest, so stay tuned!!!!

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