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You Must Focus on the 25%

A week and a half ago, after I got word that Governor Murphy was going to announce and be okay with the agreement they approached me with two days earlier, I made a video.

I rarely show tears of joy on video, but I couldn’t help it.

I wanted to share the news with the community and the people that were following the story. Last I saw it had almost 15, 000 views and about a 100 shares, pretty amazing stuff.

Anyhow, friends and family informed me of the incoming haters that were trolling on the video. But here’s what I told them…..

‘In life, 25% of the people are always going to love you, no matter what. 25% of people are going to strongly dislike you, even hate you, no matter what. Then there are 25% that are going to not like you and then grow to like you and finally there are 25% that are going to like you and then not like you, for one reason or the other. I focus on the 25% that love me’.

I believe too many people are focused on the 75% that won’t go into battle with you anyhow. They fall victim to the fear of being judged by them and therefore, hated on.

I don’t pay those people any mind, I don’t read their comments, I simply ‘let go of my end of the rope’. The funny thing is, they are giving me their most valuable thing; their time and attention.

Focus on your 25%, you may not agree on everything, but they will still always love you no matter what.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell


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