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5 Great Things That Have Come About Since Quarantine Began

Apparently, one of the haters from yesterday’s email had his panties in a bunch a few weeks back because I said that the week was the most amazing week of my life.

This Tool Boy just couldn’t comprehend that I could be having an amazing week despite all the doom and gloom in the news.

Listen, life is always going to be full of death and destruction. That’s how life is. If you focus on it, you are going to live a miserable existence. Struggling is mandatory, suffering is a choice.

With that, I feel terrible for anyone that lost a loved one due to the virus and I feel terrible for all those struggling because of the lockdowns.

But I bet you if you took the time and made a list, you’d be able to come up with some great things that have come out of this time.

Here are 5 of mine:

1- I made some great new relationships with local and county authorities.

2- Newell Strength was able to give some normalcy back to our clients, staff and community.

3- I was able to help 25 clients totally transform their way of life and their minds through our first 2 Panda Challenge groups.

4- I made one great new friend that was with me every step of the way through the ordeals of the week of 5.18.

5- I was able to go into ‘battle’ with my grandfather, Leo, the WW2 vet I always speak of and we were able to speak on stage at an event down the shore.

The list could keep going, but the point is to have you realize that great things happen all the time, it’s up to you if you choose to focus on them.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell


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