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Your Path is Your Path

Over the past few months, something has become even more abundantly clear to me than it was prior.

We all have our own lessons and own path to walk in this life. We are all here to experience life in a different way.

My path is not worse or better than your path. It’s just different.

This means that we will not agree on a lot of stuff and that’s okay. If you are here to learn algebra and I am here to learn biology 101, not too much will align. It’s not supposed to.

Listen and learn from others. You might get a different point of view to add to your path.

Afterall, the teacher will appear when the student is ready.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-I am taking people for the next Panda Challenge, it begins June 22nd. Based on the first two challenges, the average inches lost around the waist in just 45 days is 3”!!!! If you are interested in one of the remaining 9 spots, reply to this email with ‘Panda’ in the subject box.

P.P.S-After much consideration, we are pushing our Fat Shredder to September. We will be able to run it better and people will be ready for it. We don’t want anyone to miss out. Details will come out as it gets closer.

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