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You Have to Have Difficult Conversations in Life

Two weeks ago, Peaches, long-time friend and Newell Strength employee, reached out to me to see if we could have an open dialogue about the George Floyd incident and the racial divide that exists in the country right now.

In that meeting, it was Peaches, myself and Aliyah, another long time friend, former member and Newell Strength Coach.

They, as two black women, wanted to get my perspective and ask questions.

It was about an hour and a half long, very thought provoking and we all walked away with better understanding. They asked me uncomfortable questions and I asked them uncomfortable questions.

I could have toed the line and walked back once I knew things would get uncomfortable, but then nothing would ever progress. I told them I had to ask them some uncomfortable questions that a lot of white people want to ask but have fear of being attacked if they ask them. They were totally cool with it which I appreciated greatly.

Now, they know more and I know more.

If you don’t get tough and ask uncomfortable questions, you’ll never have higher levels of clarity and that means no true progress can ever be made.

If someone knows why you are asking a question, they will not be in threat mode.

Start asking some clarity questions in your relationships and watch how your path unfolds before you.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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