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She Dropped 22 Pounds and 3 Inches!!

Nicole entered an application for the first ever Panda Challenge back in early March, before the world turned upside down.

Nicole was familiar with our unconventional approach as she was a former, long-time member.

You can listen for yourself in this short video, but what she did in 45 short days was amazing and inspirational!

She lost 3 inches on her waist and 22 pounds! Better yet, her visceral fat, the fat that surrounds your organs (a marker of stress and dangerous predictor of future disease) went down 5 whole points!

Take a quick look and get inspired!


Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-I am taking people for the next Panda Challenge, it begins June 22nd. Based on the first two challenges, the average inches lost around the waist in just 45 days is 3”!!!! If you are interested in one of the remaining 7 spots, go here: https://hillsborough.newellstrength.com/panda_diet

P.P.S-After much consideration, we are pushing our Fat Shredder to September. We will be able to run it better and people will be ready for it. We don’t want anyone to miss out. Details will come out as it gets closer.

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