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How Do You Challenge Yourself?

When you are a student of life and you sit back and observe human nature, you will notice that most people choose not to challenge themselves.

We accept it because it’s just what the majority of people do.

The people that do challenge themselves and make things harder on themselves are the ones that stand out.

I remember when I was 8 and 9 years old, playing Little League Baseball.

My parents doctored my birth certificate so I would play up a level in age. What?

Well, that made it harder for me. They wanted to challenge me and it worked. To most people, you’d think of lowering your age to make it easier.

Are you used to taking the path of least resistance?

If so, how can you challenge yourself this week to go head first into the area of greatest resistance?

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-I am taking people for the next Panda Challenge, it begins June 22nd. Based on the first two challenges, the average inches lost around the waist in just 45 days is 3”!!!! If you are interested in one of the remaining 7 spots, go here: https://hillsborough.newellstrength.com/panda_diet

P.P.S-After much consideration, we are pushing our Fat Shredder to September. We will be able to run it better and people will be ready for it. We don’t want anyone to miss out. Details will come out as it gets closer.

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