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Tank Was Bitten Three Times in a Week

Two Sundays ago, Devon was on a river trip with Brax. I was home, Emma was napping, so Tank and I went out to do some lawn cutting and yard work.

While I was cutting the grass, he was searching for bugs, his favorite pastime.

I stopped to hear what he was trying to tell me and it was: ‘Dad, there’s a bumblebee!’

He went to pick up it up and bam! Sucker stung him. It wasn’t a bumblebee, it was a wasp. His finger swelled pretty good and he left the stinger in until Suzy’s gentle touch got home.

Anyhow, about 2 hours later, Devon was home, so Brax and Tank and myself went over to our neighbor’s to do some target practice. Not more than 20 minutes there and Tank gets bitten on his shoulder by our neighbor’s dog. It was over the shirt, but a nasty bite.

Poor kid, but he rebounded within a minute, no more tears.

Finally, he was bitten by a black beetle a few days later.

And the moral? He still has no fear of the aforementioned critters/dog. Fear is what might go wrong in the future. Kids live in the NOW.

It’s a beautiful thing.

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