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In a Blink, Our Shed Exploded

A week and a half ago, I received a message that our driveway was going to be getting paved in a day or two.

That is a story in and of itself as the deal almost fell through. Anyhow, I had to prep the area and move some stuff.

One of the big things to move was this wooden platform that weighed a ton. I used the chainsaw to cut it in two, and it still weighed a ton.

Devon was able to help me with the smaller of the two pieces on day one.

On that Tuesday night, I went out with Brax to assess. I was able to drag the heavier part of the platform and get that out of the way.

Which meant all we had to move was a decent sized plastic shed. It was emptied out, but the thing was that I could not balance it myself and lower it at the same time. Suzy came out with Tank and I instructed her on what to do. Basically I told her just balance it once I get it up off the ground while I run around to the other side.

Well, I lift it up, she holds for the briefest of seconds and then let go. She saw a snake underneath and went into pure freeze mode.

I watched in slow motion as the shed proceeded to topple. I was hoping it was going to stay put but nope, it continued all the way down our mini-cliff until it hit a tree and shattered into pieces.

But wait, there’s more….

There happened to be a type of furry bee nest there too (not a bumble bee). As you can see, Brax got stung on the eye.

Nope, not over yet….

There were also very large, black ants. Colty aka Tank, being the bug guy that he is, went to pick some up. BAM! Those little suckers bit him good. He had a big swollen welt on his chest and on one of his hands, which swelled so much he couldn't’ close his hand.

Geez, who would have thought moving a plastic shed could be so dangerous?

But, as Suzy reminded me, ‘If you’re going to laugh about it later, mind as well laugh about it now’.

A memorable moment for sure, one that we will be telling the kids about long into the future.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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