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Calm as a Sleeping Puppy

Two weeks ago, Suzy took Brax over to the BMX track for the first practice run of the season.

Keep in mind, last year, Brax was still racing on his balance bike.

Although, a year from tomorrow is the date that he officially rode a bike without training wheels for the first time (Devon always wonders how I remember specific events and dates like that….).

So now, it was onto the big boy bike on a bigger portion of the track.

Surely he wouldn’t be able to race from the starting gate with the older kids?

Nope, he did it. Devon reported back to me that he was sizing it all up and when he was ready, he lined up to the starting gate, as calm as a sleeping puppy.

When the gunshot rang and the gate dropped, he propelled down the first hill.

As usual, I learn more from Brax than he does from me on a weekly basis. The Zen-beginner’s mind is a beautiful thing.

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