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Sometimes You Have to Go with the Flow

Two weekends ago, the five of us went to the River not far from our house for a nice swim.

It was glorious. I had Emma out there on a tube while the boys explored with Suzy. The water was nice and warm, yet refreshing.

Well, after an hour or so, we were ready to head back home. I was laying belly down on the float and decided I would go down the little rapids, the kids would get a kick out of it.

Problem was, I didn’t assess the situation properly. The water was pretty shallow there, yet rocky. By the time I realized that I should be sitting on my BE-hind, it was too late. I attempted to stand to reposition and went flying on a slimy rock.

Off went a sandal I had on along with the float. I had to navigate the rocks and rapid on my butt. Thankfully a few kids grabbed my lone sandal and float once the water calmed.

However, off went my other sandal. Keep in mind these were an older pair, I just had them on because I didn’t have water shoes with me.

I watched as the other sandal floated down the river, but I also knew that it was within distance for me to retrieve. So, as Devon sat on the bank with the kids, off I floated, about 300 feet down the river, to get my other sandal.

I went with the flow because the flow wanted to take me.

Where is the flow trying to take you and are you resisting it?

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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