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How Long Can You Hold Your Focus For?

Two weekends ago, Devon was away on a much deserved girls weekend, which meant I was blessed with the chance to really be 100 percent dialed in with the kids.

It’s easy somehow to not be present all the way when there are two of you there.

Anyhow, I decided I was going to teach the boys how to focus sunlight through a magnifying glass onto a leaf to create fire.

Now, we didn’t actually start a fire, but I did want them to see the leaf smoke and burn a hole.

When Brax was doing it, he was wanting to make the ray of light bigger and he kept wanting move it around, to which I explained that it would never catch if he was doing that.

The light had to be focused to the size of a pinhead and it had to hold its position.

This is like your mind.

If you can hold your focus and attention, day after day, on that which you want to become, you will have success.

If you are easily distracted, then you will only be successful at becoming distracted.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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