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A Breakthrough for the Little Rascals

Two Sundays ago, I was still in slumber, waiting for my alarm to go off at 6, when I heard the boys, Munch and Tank, coming up the stairs.

The problem is, Tank usually isn’t up at that time nor does he climb out of his crib himself. The night before, I had actually moved the toy chest out of their room because Brax had already gotten Tank out 2 or 3 times when I tried to put them to bed.

Anyhow, Brax broke him free that Sunday morning and instead of coming in to get me, I heard them go into the pantry. They gathered a bunch of snacks and their favorite foods and made a display out near the fireplace mantle. They decided to have their own little ‘brunch’.

Somehow they even got down the chocolate chips, which are up on a shelf as tall as me.

It gave me a great belly laugh and it showed creativity and problem solving. Most importantly, it showed their continued growing bond of brotherhood.

Life is amazing when you sit back and observe it and the uniqueness of each moment.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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