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I Was Shocked and Amused

Two weeks ago, yes, the same weekend Devon was away (I feel like I could write a month’s worth of emails from those couple of days), I was putting Emma to bed.

This is usually a wind down time, where I sit with her in a chair in her room, feed her her bottle and listen to something calming.

Well, the boys made their way down. And man, were they causing a ruckus. They were going at it as brothers do, but when they came into her room, I simply kicked them out.

I would deal with them once she was down. Well, that wasn’t to be. Braxton through something at Colt or did some kind of WWE move on him in the middle room, to which Colty began to cry.

Brax then ran into Emma’s room and hid behind her door, with his back to her closet.

Tank came in, looked around, didn’t see Brax, but was smart enough to realize that Brax was behind the door. So, in typical Tank fashion, she ran full speed ahead at the door and drove Braxton back through the close, driving the folding door off its track.

Brax was now in tears and pretty banged up.

Poor Emma.

Funny thing was, it didn’t disturb her going to sleep one bit.

She was calm through the chaos.

Once again, so many lessons that I am fortunate enough to learn from them on a daily basis.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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