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I Was This Close….

As I was tidying up the kitchen while Devon was at her workout this morning, I came to the rolling pin.

Devon uses this to flatten out her dough that she uses to make us homemade pizza on the weekends.

As I grabbed the rolling pin, a memory popped up into my head.

It was 1997, I was in the midst of high school basketball tryouts and I was sore as all heck.

I went to the kitchen, grabbed my dad’s rolling pin and sat on the ground. I started to roll out my calves and quads.

Little did I know the science, but I knew that it made me a bit less sore.

Nor did I think that 10 years later, rolling sticks and foam rollers would become an entire industry in and of itself.

If I had, there is a good chance that we would have been the originator of foam rollers.

Ideas and innovation are everywhere, it just depends on someone bringing them to market.

Share your ingenuity with someone, odds are that you have some great insights and ideas to share.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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