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It Takes a Village to Mold a Mind

Two weeks ago today, we went down the shore with the kids to celebrate our actual anniversary date.

Our good friends, Cynthia and Louie, took us out clamming.

It was a first for me and my family.

I watched as Braxton took it all in. Anytime he was curious, I would tell him to go ask Louie why or what he was doing.

That way he could learn.

This process went on all day and all the way through the point when we ate the clams for dinner.

Just like yesterday’s email, it’s about listening, learning and learning by asking questions. When we converse with the world, we get to organize our thoughts. And if you only converse with a small number of people, you have a limited world view.

It takes a village to organize a young mind, or any mind for that matter. ?And much of what you learn through talking to others is based upon their body language and reactions, rather than what they have to say in response (although that is important too).

There have been many great therapists that have said minimal words in counseling questions, rather, they’d just sit there, and let the client organize their thoughts as they talked through it to another person (the therapist).

When you start looking at interactions and conversations this way, the world becomes much more magical.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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