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A few weeks ago, I read a quote along the line of ‘Socrates was known as the world’s wisest man because he knew that he knew nothing’.


So brilliant.

Devon will tell you that one of the only times that I get agitated is when I go for any length of time without learning something.

Around that same time that I read that quote, I had also decided to cut television time to no more than 2 viewings per week.

I did it at first to get away from the negativity and mindless dribble that is ‘programmed’ into the programming.

But then an even bigger benefit hit me, I now had that 30 minutes or so at night to learn even more, to read more, to study more to work on differents crafts.

If you want to learn more, replace a chunk of screen time with learning time. Just start with one session and let the seed grow.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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