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Here’s How He Did It

A little over a year ago, roughly, right before I was about to take Braxton to martial arts, I decided I would take off his training wheels on his big boy bike.

It is something that I had wanted to do for a while and I thought we could at least start the process for 30 minutes or so.

So, he and I go down to the garage and take off the trainers and head back up to the cul de sac.

I helped him get on and start running with him while holding the back of the seat for about 5 seconds and then I let go and boom, he nailed it on his first try, he just took off!

Devon and I both shrugged in amazement.

My expectations were clearly different than Braxton’s.

What’s the point? Well, as adults, we often expect things to be too hard or that they have to take a certain amount of time. They don’t.

And, sometimes, as humans, we are just a natural at certain things. In other things, not so much.

Time for self evaluation….

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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