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I Finally Saw It!

About 3 weeks ago, we were up in New Hampshire with some great friends, making memories to last us a lifetime.

The days were filled with amazing hikes and swimming in rivers with nighttime chats around the firepit.

And if you know me, you know that I am always in search of the ‘hard to find’ and something I always wanted to see was a bear in the wild.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, the guy in the picture below came to our dumpster two nights in a row. (There was no bear bar on the dumpster, the manager told me to put a cinder block on it, as if that would work, ha!).

I watched in awe from our bedroom the first night and then from ground level from the boys room the second night.

Is my life complete now? As far as seeing a bear goes, yes, but in all other ways, the show and wonderment must go on.

You never know when the moment will come when something you have always wanted to happen will happen and you will remember it forever. Pay attention because life is always happening.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-My new book is finally out on Amazon. It’s all things fasting, from my point of view. If you want a world class tutorial and ‘how to’ with my system of fasting, then you pick up a copy of the book. And if you like it, please leave a review. You can also purchase at the gym for 5 dollars off. https://www.amazon.com/Panda-Diet-Unconventional-Approach-Lasting/dp/0578687372/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=kyle+newell&qid=1592831921&s=books&sr=1-2

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P.P.P.S-We will be having our first Restorative Ritualz workshop at Newell Strength in Hillsborough on Thursday, August 20th at 7:30 PM with YT. This one is all about compassion and collaboration with you fellow friends. It’ll be about an hour and includes 33 minutes of guided meditation with Reiki Infused Sound Healing. Spots are limited to 15 people, reserve a spot by emailing msyvonnetang@gmail.com

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