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Do You Like Crabs?

3 weeks ago, on our first morning at the Maine beach, Braxton and I took the dogs for a walk in the early morning on the beach.

We happened to run into a lady that told us about ‘crab island’. It was a spot that was visible only during the low tides, but where kids could find hundreds of hermit crabs, small lobsters and such.

Well, lucky for us, that is right down where we were taking Dax and Mateena for their walk.

Later that night, we went back with the family to show them Crab Island (we were at the beach during the day but crab island was under water at that point).

Brax and Colty were loving it, they probably caught 60 crabs that night. We made them put them back and we continued to go there throughout the week.

It was one of the highlights of their week in Maine.

Most people don’t see the beauty in being so close to critters and nature, but Devon and I see it daily as the kids can’t get over the coolness of it all.

Maybe that’s because they are seeing through eyes that are seeing things for the first time.

Imagine that….

How can you get back to that feeling in your own life?

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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