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A Bridge Jump on My Birthday

Eleven days ago, we celebrated my 39th birthday.

It was a great day, started with some solitude time at the river near our house, just thinking and writing.

Right after that, we went over to another local branch of the river and swam some to cool off. The boys were busy checking out the turtles that were all over the place.

And me, well, I decided that I had to create a new tradition and do a bridge jump into the river on my birthday, which shall be a tradition moving forward.

It’s only about a 15 foot jump but it’ll get your heart rate going in anticipation.

But shouldn’t we be seeking out more moments like that regularly? Isn’t the point of life to have energy, excitement and enthusiasm each day?

Otherwise, in my humble but accurate opinion, what’s the point?

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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