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Driving on the Edge of the World

Two years ago, when we did our first New Hampshire trip, we took a drive up to the top of Mount Washington.

My senses were heightened and my palms were sweaty.

Yes, I let my nerves get to me.

Most of the 8 mile drive to the 6200 foot summit is driven on a very narrow road with no guardrails.

One little slip and that could be it.

This time around, we did it once again and I was much calmer. I focused on my breathing and I had already been exposed to this stress.

In life, a repeated exposure to a stressor builds up resistance to that stress.

The only time FEAR is appropriate is when your body thinks your literal life could potentially be at stake (which is rarely a reality).

A few things to take away from this one.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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