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May She Rest in Peace

About 2 months ago, our neighbors and good friends moved down to Florida.

They had a pet fish, Ava, that they didn’t want to take with them so the boys adopted her.

I love watching fish in their element, but have never been a big fan of having a pet fish, but the boys were getting a kick out of her.

Anyhow, I had to scold Tank a few times about picking her up, letting him know that she had to stay in her bowl.

Well, 2 weeks ago, I put the boys to bed and heard some shenanigans going on in their room. I went downstairs, opened their door and Colty quickly took his head away from the bowl.

He was caught red handed! Caught doing what, I have no idea, but I do know he was blowing bubbles into the fish bowl.

I didn’t think too much of it, got them back in bed and that was that.

The next day, Devon called me to asked if Ava had died. I was a little surprised and replied not that I knew of.

That was odd because Ava wasn’t in the bowl, she thought I had flushed her. Now it made sense, Colty must’ve eaten her!!!

Despite the shock and awe of that scenario, that wasn’t the case either. Devon found her behind the nightstand. Whatever Colty was doing caused Ava to wind up on the floor.

No more Ava, but we do have a lifelong memory.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-The next Panda Challenge will begin Monday, September 14th. I am only taking 10 students this time and I have 3 NEW things that will be implemented into this journey. It will be 7 weeks. 4 of the spots as of this writing are already taken. To apply and set up a call so I can see if you’re a good fit, go to: https://hillsborough.newellstrength.com/panda_diet

P.P.S- We are in fact having our annual Fat Shredder contest, albeit a little later than normal. If you are ready for some fun, accountability and ready to take back your health, then this is it. Contest begins on Sept. 17th and we are only taking 20 teams. Each team is made of 3 people and must include at least one woman and one non-member (can be one and the same). If you are interested, reply to this email or sign up at either Newell Strength location.

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