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Here is How You Heal

A week and a half ago, I was 2 minutes into our Sunday hike, with Emma loaded into the backpack carrier, when I took a hard spill.

I stepped on a tire track lip that was hardened in the mud and got a fairly severe ankle sprain. I went down hard, fell face first, and poor Emma came out of the backpack upon my impact with the ground.

She had a little bloody lip but was otherwise okay.

The pain set in pretty instantaneously but I managed to do the whole hike. That night and Labor day, my ankle was swollen. I compressed it and moved it and by day 3, the swelling had pretty much subsided.

I have a cerain philosophy with healing that goes against the grain just like everything I’ve taught in health and fitness. Move it if you can, compress it and put heat on it. In short, increase blood flow without causing further injury.

That’s partly how I recovered from the most severe knee injury (twice) my surgeon had ever seen in his 4 decade long career in record time.

Think outside the box and never stop moving, blood flow is the key to healing, even if you have a broken arm, then train your lower body and the other side of the upper body.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-Our next Trinity Transformation program begins on Thursday, October 1st. We are taking 12 people per location.

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