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Can You Believe He’s 5 Already?

Five years ago today, Braxton was born.

People always say that time flies when you have kids and boy are they right.

I learn as much or more from him as he does from me. Be present with the children you have in your life, they are wonderful and observant and see the beauty in everything.

One of the affirmations I use in the mornings is, ‘I will always keep the child within me alive’.

One of the best ways to do that is to be around young kids.

Even if they aren’t yours.

I love him (and Tank and Little Warrior) so much that it hurts, but that’s a blessing.

Happy birthday Brax!

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-Our next Trinity Transformation program begins on Thursday, October 1st. We are taking 12 people per location.

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