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Stop Kidding Yourself

3 weeks ago, in our weekly Saturday morning workout, I wrote a quote on the board for the crew, which I rarely ever do.

‘Keep your mind open to everything and closed to nothing’.

I didn’t erase it, in fact, I still think it's up on the board.

Anyhow, during the next week, long time client and friend, Manny, came in with his wife Sandy and said, ‘I was just at HomeGoods and I thought of you!’

He went on to tell me that he walked by one of the picture frames in the store and in that frame, there was a quote, the exact quote that I wrote on the board!!! (See below)

You can brush stuff off like this is coincidence or you can look at it as energy and a frequency trying to get your attention and affirm the path you are on.

I choose the latter.

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