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Expect to Suck at First

Two weekends ago, Tank performed in his first race at BMX.

It was an awesome and exciting moment for us as we’ve been coaxing him to ride a bike but didn’t want to force him.

Braxton was riding before he was two but again, a different path, a different person.

Now, Colty did great, even won two of the 3 races and picked it up really quick.

As a youngster, he can pick stuff up much quicker than an adult as the nervous system is still developing and there isn’t as much fear of failure or fear of judgment.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn something new. It's just that you have to expect to suck at it at first. When I teach people the mallet drill, I instruct them to just tap and catch.

Forget about getting 100 hits in a row or even 2 in a row, just tap and catch.

I’ve been doing drills with my toes and feet and I am absolutely terrible at, but I know each day, I get a fraction of a bit better, which is exciting.

Break down the skill you are learning until you feel good about that tiny fraction of a skill and go from there.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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