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Here’s the BIG Difference Between Us

No, I am not talking about you and I.

I am speaking of the Coaching at Newell Strength and all the fake fitness experts out there that want you to ‘grind’.

You know you are in the presence of a fake fitness expert when they:

-Tell you to eat chicken and broccoli for 6 weeks, make it as bland as possible and then blame you when you’ve only lost a pound or two for all your efforts

-Explain things so that no one has any idea what the heck they are talking about, using words that are overly complex and concepts that try to position them as the expert simply because no one can understand what they are trying to say

-Want to use their training individual training program on YOU and all the rest of their clients because it’s what got them in shape (not for one second realizing that their 6-pack abs and lean physique were all about choosing the right parents)

-Push your past your limits to the point that you are going to vomit or not be able to walk for a week. A sure fire sign that you are dealing with a fake fitness expert is when thet train you simply by upping the intensity, using ‘harder’ as a disguise for their lack of true expertise.

The list could go on for a country mile.

At Newell Strength, we focus on:

-YOU as an individual

-Your MIND

-Immersing you into our family like community


Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-If you’d like to work on your fitness, with supportive Coaching (with a capital C) and tiny progressions and a focus on habit formation, then consider our 30 day, Trinity Transformation, which begins Oct. 1st. We are only taking 10 people per month into this program because of the level of Coaching we are going to be providing along with the results we are guaranteeing. If you’d like more info, just reply to this email.

P.P.S-My new book, The Panda Diet, is out and selling like hot cakes. In fact, I won’t be surprised if it's the number one book in its niche before the year is over. If you are interested in my methods, you can go to https://bourls.com/roHrI and pick up a copy. And don’t forget to leave a review:).

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