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Put Your Mind Where Your Eyes Can See It

A week and a half ago, I was having a nice conversation with a loyal Newell Strength client, Dan, and his son Daniel.

I always love seeing them together because I know how much of a great bonding experience lifting together is, especially for a father and son.

Well, in this particular conversation, I was explaining to Daniel the concept of a good workout.

If you are going to enter the weight room and throw around the iron, then you must make sure that you put your mind in an uncomfortable situation. See your mind in the palm of your hand and picture new grooves and pathways being formed because of the demands you are placing upon it in your workout.

Now, it depends on the purpose of your workout plan, but for me, if I don’t go somewhere that expands my mind, it was a less than fruitful session.

Be aware that working out is first and foremost for your mind (it’s absolutely useless when used as a weight loss tool).

Something for you to ponder.

Be Unconventional - Kyle

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