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An Amazingly, Frightening Story

Almost two weeks ago, on Braxton’s birthday, we had just gotten back from a family hike when the boys requested that I go play Michael Myers tag with them down at the river.

Heck ya!

I put on my one piece jumpsuit and Michael Myers mask and off we went.

After playing for about 20 minutes near the river, I told the boys to move in towards the middle of the field (it’s about the size of a football field).

Braxton, with Colt in tow, went around a wood pile that a neighbor keeps down there for bonfires.

I couldn’t see the boys for a few seconds because the pile of twigs and firewood sits behind a big stack of wooden pallets.

As soon as the boys came into view, I saw something on the side of Colt’s head and then he started screaming. I took one more step and a hornets swarm came into view.

Brax must have disturbed a nest that was hiding in the wood pile.

I quick ran over and scooped Colty up (Brax had already booked it) and had to listen as he screamed as these damn hornets were biting him.

They were biting me as well but my main concern was to get him to safety.

The hornets were all over his sweatpants, which I ripped off of him, along with my Mike Myers mask.

The 3 of us ran back to the house up the street, hornets in pursuit. Brax actually got bit right as we were getting back to the house.

All in, Colty got bit about 10-12 times. Luckily he is tough as nails and was calm within 20 minutes of the incident.

It was something that the 3 of us will never forget. Even though it literally hurt, it will be a great memory (it’s all about perspective).

Be Unconventional - Kyle

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