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Your Hands, Your Feet, Your Life

I remember first seeing an anatomy chart back in high school and being amazed at how many nerve endings there are in the feet and hands.

They are both greatly tied into your brain and nervous system, more so than any other area of the body.

If you want to expand and engage your mind, you have to do stuff with your hands and feet, preferably every day.

As part of my morning routine I do a foot routine for my toes and then I write cursive with both hands and then perform a couple hundred taps with the mallet drill. All in all, it takes 10-12 minutes and my brain is lit up like a Christmas tree.

I was shocked at how poor my motor control is within my feet when I first started training them a couple of weeks ago. And in just a few short weeks I already have greater control of my toes and feel a higher level of brain power.

The reason I am telling you this is because the further along the path we go with technology, it seems to be the less people are using their hands and feet in everyday activity.

Start writing in cursive, start drawing or painting, walk around a little more barefoot and take control of your brain. Your attention, creativity and focus comes from the brain, so anything you can do to enhance brain power, will lead to a richer life.

Be Unconventional - Kyle

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