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A Night to Remember

Two weeks ago, we had Braxton’s birthday party at a local park.

It’s a park that not many people know about, so it was perfect for what I cooked up.

All the kids were to wear army camo and we divided them up into a red team and a blue team. Earlier in the afternoon, I went and hung red and blue bandanas around the 30 acre park.

Red team was to gather and find the blue flags and vice versa. The two little army teams each had toy guns to battle with each other and the kicker….

We had my brother in law dress up as Big Foot and run around the park, ducking in and out of trees and the tall grass.

The kids were going nuts.

I’ll admit that as the sun was going down I was hoping and praying that we had all the kids (which we did).

It was a night Brax will remember forever and from the words of his cousins, they will too.

Imagination is the greatest nation on earth, just depends on whether or not you are using it to the fullest.

Be Unconventional - Kyle

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