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So Blissful that I Almost Fainted

Two weekends ago, we went for a kayak river trip with some family and friends.

It was a super nice Sunday, cool weather, quiet air, the smell of fall in the air.

We hit the water around 930 AM and got back to the house shortly after two.

It’s been a while that I have been on the water for that amount of time.

I know that I find my source, my God, near water. I feel connected unlike any other place.

Well, that afternoon, I felt such a serene calmness. Almost in another realm.

After I dropped the boys off at my parents, I got home, got out of the truck and nearly fell over. And, the local Amazon guy, walked over to have a conversation with me. I don’t think he could tell that I felt like I was going to faint but he must’ve thought, ‘Damn, that is one happy guy’.

How can you slow down your mind, clear the clutter and let your spirit breathe?

Figure it out and do it, your spirit will thank you.

Be Unconventional - Kyle

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