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8 Hours on Zoom??

12 days ago, I spent the entire day on Zoom with my personal Coach, Vince.

Now I can finally say I know what some of you feel like in terms of a workday over the past few years.

I give you a lot of credit, that wasn’t easy.

Anyhow, why did I do this?

Simple, we were planning out the entire 2022 year for some personal stuff and a lot of business stuff.

Do you think I will get results because of this investment of time? As long as I take action I will.

But how many do you know, maybe yourself included, that put none or very little effort into planning?

It’s okay if you haven’t done so before, but this year can be different for you, if you make the decision to do so.

Even if it’s 30 minutes.

And, on Tuesday, January 18th, I will be holding an annual planning workshop for members and friends. This way the craziness of the New Year is behind us and you can have clarity before the 1st month is over. Stay tuned!

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-We are nearing the holidays, which means you are shopping for gifts. If someone you know could use a 6-week, transformational Coaching program, including 1-1 training sessions plus 6-weeks of Panda fasting, then send dana@newellstrength.com an email. We only have 3 of these available for each location. This program is highly individualized and your 6 week agreed upon goal is guaranteed.

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